The Institute

The Institute for Agro-ecology and Biodiversity works on regional, national and European level in research, development, implementation and policy advice in the agro-environmental sector. We cooperate with partners from academic, governmental and non-governmental institutions.

Our focus:
Our work is orientated to associate agriculture with conservation and development of natural resources. Our intention is to support agricultural activities aiming to realise a sustainable management of all resources. The emphasis is situated on biodiversity, i.e. in the promotion of diversity of habitats, species and of the genetic diversity in agricultural landscapes.

Team and leadership:
We work in an interdisciplinary team with engineers (in agriculture and landscape conservation), biologists and other natural scientists. The leadership of the institute is in the hands of Dr. Rainer Oppermann.
Our main axes:

Research and development projects:
Ecological studies (vegetation and fauna)
Investigations in agricultural practice (e.g. mowing techniques)
Agro-economical and agro-political questions
Implementation projects:
Valorisation measures
Cooperation with farms
Agro-ecological planning
Evaluation, Consulting, Public relation:
Evaluation of agro-envrionment schemes
Consulting and perspectives for further development of agri-environment-programs
Public relation work
Other tasks:
Teachings, instruction and transfer of knowledge

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